Sunday, December 20, 2009

i'm just me...

hey anyone who's out there!

this is my first official post on my blog. i'm excited as to what this blog will bring. i think it will bring out a certain catharsis that i need in my life. i will blogging in general about my life and all that that means. i know that might not be too terribly exciting but this blog will be what it is...just me. i guess i could put a little bit about me in this post since this is a blog about me and my life. well what can i say? i love to read, eat mexican food with my friends and sorority sisters, listen to whatever music strikes my fancy, bake for people, learn to cook (that's definitely a work in progress), hang out with my friends family and sorority sisters, open up to new people and cultivate new relationships, go to CCF (campus christian fellowship - my campus ministry at truman where i go to school), singing, and ultimately dancing (i don't know how well though lol).

I think this is going to be a fun project. I commit to blogging every day even if it is really short. i think this is something i need to do for me and i think it will be a good thing. almost like a public diary lol *bites finger nails* wish me luck if you're reading whoever you are.

love april may june.

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