Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i'm almost there.

hey guys!

today has been a pretty good day. we got wireless and digital cable installed this morning so i'm having a great time pausing and recording live television for the first time in my life! i know for most people that's been a reality for quite a while but i'm glad that we have it now.

i've finished all of my christmas shopping and i went to the store today to get all of the ingredients needed to make my famous chocolate chip and sugar cookies from scratch for christmas. i love christmas time it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. i will be leaving for dallas texas this saturday for VCYC which is my denomination's national youth conference for christian education. i love going because the spirit of the Lord is very much alive there and I love singing in the HUGE youth choir. i'm not sure how good my singing actually is but i love being apart of it.

I also went to see the princess and the frog last night. i LOVED it. the movie was way better than i thought it would be. tiana's character was well played and the songs were great too. i think the whole thing was well cast. i started downloading some of the soundtrack today and one of my favorite songs in the whole movie was 'i'm almost there' i liked it so much that i gave this post that title.

anyone who knows me well knows that i went through a very tough time this past semester and had problems with my roommates toward the end which led me to move out. but even though the situation stressed me out thoroughly i learned a lot from it. some of the top things were:

1. take things at face value - never expect anything from people because most of the time you will no doubt be disappointed but every once in a while you may be pleasantly surprised

2. not everyone is your friend - you can't expect everyone to like you all of the time but despite that fact you must try your best to be a friend to everyone despite what they do and even if there is conflict you must try your best to make peace with them no matter what *matthew 5:23-24*

3. know that the world is not always going to revolve around you - your family will love you and possibly sometimes spoil you but the world isn't going to do that no matter what you think. you will be treated just like everyone else and no one owes you anything.

4. KNOW THAT JESUS IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH - God has shown his favor to me along with his grace and mercy. this situation was very tough to get through but he made a way for me to have somewhere to stay and somewhere to leave my things and friends to help me through. no matter what he will always help you.

just a few thoughts from today i thought i would post. if you're reading this whoever you are i hope you have a blessed holiday and happy new year

love april may june

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