Friday, April 22, 2011

Squirrely Antics!

Like my twitter tagline says..." [i] love being an alpha gam...there's nothing quite like it!" reflecting over my experience as an alpha gam is something that i do on a quite regular basis. Alpha Gamma Delta means so much to me an i can't imagine not being one. Even though I've only been an initiated member for one year there are so many lessons learned and memories that will cherished from now until forever.

I love all of my sisters and sometimes we argue fuss and fight but we love each and they that's what makes us TRUE sisters. Any member of Epsilon Omega would tell you that I'm probably the most knowledgeable person when it comes to AGD history (local and national) because they all know I love it with all of heart!

Not joining my mom's sorority was hard for her to accept at first but now we have mutual love and respect for each other's organizations and I totally understand her feelings but I can't wait to call my unborn daughters my sisters and pass on my alpha gam legacy to them! I never want to stop giving back to the organization that has given soooo much to me! GLAM! (Gam Love and Mine I think i'm going to make that my new tag line!)

April May June

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