Friday, April 22, 2011

The Many Faces of a Sorority Girl

Being a sorority woman is an amazing experience and for me it has been the best decision I have ever made. The right sorority can provide its members with social and business contacts for life. There are all kinds of sororities out there and it is my firm belief that if a woman wants to be a member there is a chapter out there for her. We are much more than mixers, date dashes, crush parties, and rush. Every chapter is filled with unique women who bring something special to their organization at large. Being a member of these elite organizations allows for not only lifelong sisterhood but memories that will last forever.

Options for “Going Greek” are endless! There are three main types of Greek councils that govern Greek member organizations: Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, and Multi-Cultural Greek Council. There are also four types of sororities: local, national, service, and social. Panhellenic Council is an umbrella organization that governs twenty-six national social sororities some of which include: Chi Omega, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Phi, and many more. The National Pan-Hellenic Council is comprised of nine member organizations four of which are sororities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. This council is comprised of historically African-American fraternities and sororities. Lastly, the Multi-Cultural Greek Council mostly includes organizations that are historically for one ethnic group or race but are open to all: such as Sigma Lambda Gamma, Theta Nu Xi. Choosing the right sorority can sometimes be a very hard or daunting task considering all the options one has.

Being a member of Alpha Gamma Delta has allowed me to join a national social sorority in the Panhellenic Council. Making the decision to join my sorority took me two long years and I finally went through informal spring recruitment in the spring of my sophomore year of college. There were many reasons why I was hesitant to join a social sorority right away. Firstly, I joined a local service sorority my freshman year first semester (Fall 2008) and fell in love. We did service projects and bonded as a sisterhood but as my time in college stretched on I realized there was something missing in my life. My aunt is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., and is still active in her graduate chapter to this day and I longed for the type of close sisterhood and national bonds she experienced as a member of her organization. So after much thought, deliberation, and research I determined that a Panhellenic organization was the right one for me.

This decision was especially hard for me to ascertain due to the fact that I am an African-American. Being a “black girl” in a “white sorority” was what my dilemma was labeled. Going through rush I felt a little uncomfortable but all of the current members made me feel like anyone else; the color of my skin never even entered the conversation. After recruitment and all throughout my new member season I was treated as an equal, a sister, a friend. My skin color has never influenced the way my sisters relate to me. Approaching my one year anniversary of being an Alpha Gam, I know that this was the best decision I could have made in college. My chapter is full of girls who are short and tall, blonde and brunette, sporty and girly, and everything else in between. Joining a sorority has impacted my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I think about sororities this quote comes to mind: “A sorority is more than letters, more than traditional songs, a pin, rituals, and obligation, or a way of life. A sorority is learning about people, a sorority is giving without expecting a return. A sorority is earning respect from others, as well as for you. A sorority will not solve all your problems but you make great friends and find confidence there to help you take life one step at a time.”


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